Stay Active with Your Younger Family

Do you love chasing the grandkids around, but wish you had more energy?

The secret to having more energy feels a bit like a pyramid scheme; but regular exercise can actually give you more energy. You’ll improve your muscle endurance, but you’ll also deliver oxygen and other nutrients to help your entire body work better.

When you want to stay active for the younger members of your family, one of the best things you can do is to get active with them!

The National Institute on Aging (NIA) has put together a list of great ideas for Third Agers to stay phyiscally active with their younger loved ones.

Fun Activities to Get Active Together

Why should you be focusing on working out (or just getting active) with your younger family members?

Science say it’s good for you! A recent study out of Oxford University found that older adults who did an exercise class with someone in their early twenties had a great satisfaction with ife and a more positive attitude toward aging. Imagine how much better that will feel when it’s someone you loved?

Within their article Fun Ways for Older Adults to Stay Physically Active, you can discover great ways to get active with everyone in your family – from infants and toddlers to teenagers.

For instance, you can take the little ones for a walk or play a simple game of hide and seek in the yard; you can play catch or kickball together; head to the playground; or participate in activities they love like hiking, skating, or tennis.

Stay Active Year Round

If you’re like me, you probably come alive a bit as the weather warms up. With the sun shining, it’s easy to get out for a swim or a bike ride. But as the weather turns colder, how can you stay active?

NIA has us covered! Included in their ideas for staying active as a family, they’ve also given us plenty of ideas to do so year-round. Including in the fall and winter!

If you’ve been feeling left out of family activities and you want to do something more, then it might be time to move again.

Head over to NIA to get some ideas and then grab a few of our favorite fun ideas, too!

It’s time to move!