The Age is Irrelevant Podcast

Helen Fritsch wants you to feel bolder, not older, and she’s leading the charge in her Age Is Irrelevant podcast. Helen is a fitness coach who focuses on helping her clients smash age barriers. 

Her main goal has long been to empower women to stop believing that their age should define them. That’s not something we’re totally used to from a fitness enthusiast and we love it!

Helen is a Third Ager herself at 63. And it wasn’t until she was 56 that she got into her best shape ever and competed in her first bodybuilding show. After just a few years, on her 60th birthday, she won a national competition and turned Pro.

It was at that moment that Helen realized that age truly was irrelevant.

The Podcast

Frustrated by her own experiences and the stereotypical portrayal of older women and a lack of age-positive media, Helen was compelled to start the Age is Irrelevant show. 

Since 2018, she’s been interviewing amazing women from around the world with the goal of inspiring and empowering her listeners to get un-stuck, re-define the term “old age,” and step into their next chapter with confidence. 

Just take a look at her last few episodes – 

  • An interview with Annabel Hopper, a 45 year old Ironman and Mt Kilimanjaro climber
  • 60 year old World Bikini Champion Jodi Harrison Bauer
  • Ginny MacColl, a 69 year-old dancer, actress, swimmer, and oldest female American Ninja Warrior
  • And even an interview with Jackie Halligan, our new favorite Pilates instructor

If you need some inspiration and motivation to believe that you really can be fit, active, and have a great Third Age – this is the podcast for you!

You can listen directly on the Age is Irrelevant website or find it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, or TuneIn.

We know you’ll love it!