5 Tools to Make Meal Planning Easy

Eating healthier isn’t always an easy transition. But with some planning ahead, it can become a part of our everyday routines.

Want a more diverse, higher-quality diet that’s easy to action? It’s time to meal plan!

When you want to cook healthy meals for yourself and save money, it’s often easier to plan for some leftovers and cook a few more meals in advance.

This helps you to spend less time cooking, takes away the temptation to eat out on days that you’re too tired to cook, and makes it easier to have healthy meals at the office, too.

Called meal planning or meal prepping, you’ll want a few key tools to make it a bit easier to prep your meals.

meal plan calendar

Start with a Calendar

When you’re planning out your grocery list, make it easy by planning out that week’s meals. You can do that with an app, notebook, or scrap of paper, but you’d better stick to your plan when it’s literally staring you in the face like this meal calendar that goes straight on your fridge. This stylish clear whiteboard comes with a few marker colors, an eraser, and a pen holder to make the ritual of meal planning easy and fun.

Get the Right Containers

The key to meal prepping? Making some leftovers! Store them easily in these BPA-free containers from Rubbermaid. With locking latches on the side, your food will be sealed tight to last longer. The clear containers also make it easy to remember what’s inside. Our favorite part? They resist stains and odors so you can put anything in them over and over again.

rubbermaid food storage containers
bento lunch box

Divide Full Meals

Not everything should be touching when it’s stored but you might want to be able to just pop an entire meal into the microwave. Make that easy with these 3 compartment containers! Made from eco-friendly wheat straw, these bento containers allow you to portion your entree and sides for the perfect meal. Plus they stack neatly in the fridge and are easy to carry no matter where you take them.

Prep a Healthy Salad

Salads are a great way to get a mix of veggies and proteins, but they don’t prep well. Fix that problem with these all-in-one salad containers! This large salad bowl divides the other ingredients from your greens so that everything keeps the right consistency and they last longer. You’ll also get a separate container for your dressing so you can put together your perfect salad in seconds when you’re ready to eat.

salad bowl divided
snack containers

Eat Healthy Snacks

One of the things that can get in the way of healthy eating is snacking. We buy healthier foods and then forget that we even have them or reach for the convenience packages. No longer! Prep your healthy snacks in advance and keep them within easy reach with these little glass storage containers. They’re the perfect size for any of your snacks and are clear so you know exactly what you’re going to be eating.