Ageist is Redesigning Age

There is a conversation happening more and more in our world about what it means to age – how we can shift our mindsets around aging in general. And we love it! One of the leaders of that conversation is Ageist.

Ageist is a media company, with a website full of articles championing the vitality, influence and contributions of the modern 50-plus demographic. What makes them a little more unique is the fact that they’re also an agency that advises businesses, brands and organizations on emerging trends and how to better understand, speak to and engage this important and growing segment. That’s us! (Kind of makes you feel a little relieved that someone is thinking about and advocating for us, right?)

Much like us at Third Age Mojo, Ageist is working to connect the new vital, vivid group of men and women who are living life with goals and ambitions not imagined even a generation ago. After all, think about how our grandparents or even our parents aged. We aren’t aging like that!

The Ageist Digital Publication

To help paint the picture of what living life could look like once you hit your “prime” (as Ageist calls over 40 and 50), they wanted to create a new language and visual direction. To do this, they show people and profiles that are empowering, personal, and true to who they are, not as society chooses to see them.

Just check out their homepage. Full of unique and interesting profiles of men and women in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s doing cool and amazing things!

They highlight more of these amazing people in their SuperAge Podcast. Founder David Stewart explores how we can live our best lives and works to uncover the secrets to wellness, health, fitness, style, and relationships – without being constrained by something as trivial as our age.

The Wellness Section

I wanted to especially highlight their Wellness section because you know we’re all about eating healthy and moving more to maintain our freedom as we age.

In the Ageist’s online publication, they have a wealth of information covering everything from food to health to fitness to longevity. There are so many great articles that will help as you work to create better habits to thrive.

We think it and the rest of the Ageist website is definitely worth checking out!