The Good Life Project Podcast

If you haven’t discovered the magic of a great podcast, we think this is the perfect one to start with! Podcasts allow us to listen to unique, entertaining, and educational content on a weekly basis. Think of a good old radio show, but on-demand in your pocket!

Living a Fully-Engaged Life

The Good Life Project Podcast is perfect for us here at Third Age Mojo because it’s all about inspiring, intimate stories that can help us to live a fully-engaged, fiercely connected, and purpose drenched life. Featuring weekly guests that include big names like Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown to every day stories, they show that we all matter.

Their guests typically have been those they call “embodied teachers.” Those that don’t just talk a good game, but actually play it themselves. Their guests now come from a variety of backgrounds, communities, and races to help us see the world from all angles.

After all, how else do you know what might help your life be better than it was if you don’t listen to people who have come from different backgrounds than your own?

The Good Life Project Company

The parent company, Good Life Project, focuses on working with a real-world approach and validated tools, strategies and practices that can make a real difference in our lives. They also understand that we’re not going to make sweeping changes in our lives right away. Instead, they approach building a better life with a gentler mindset that honors the responsibilities, resources, and constraints of the life you’ve already built!

But most importantly, they care about showcasing that we all come from different backgrounds. To celebrate individuality and diversity while recognizing that our shared humanity matters. That we all can and should rise together.

We think the mission behind this podcast is important, especially for those of us who are still working and striving to do and be better, no matter our age.

The podcast itself airs twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. You can listen directly on their website or on your favorite podcast app.