Changing the Narrative of Aging

We’re getting much older but staying much healthier and happier. This week, we meet Changing the Narrative. This Colorado-based organization is seeking to shift the narrative around aging into a more positive direction to reflect the truth about aging today.

Executive Director Janine Vanderburg saw friends and colleagues feeling and being pushed out as they got older. They felt more and more invisible as they aged. As she and her organization started researching and tackling these issues, they discovered that how we think about aging actually affects how we age.

An Interview with Changing the Narrative

This week, we’re doing something a little different and diving into this issue and Changing the Narrative with an on-camera interview with Janine Vanderburg.

In this special vlog, we discuss ageism in the workplace and how they advocate for hiring older workers; ageism in healthcare and how we are treated as patients; using age-inclusive communication; and even how we celebrate birthdays with cards.

This is such a valuable conversation. Watch it now and then tell us – what points do you agree or disagree with?