Control Alcohol with This Naked Mind

Have you been following along with us in our 15 Day Thriving Challenge? If so, you’ll notice that a couple of days ago we added in reducing our alcohol use.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we enjoy a good drink. But we also understand that our relationship with alcohol may not always be the healthiest, especially as a society in general. You also may be wondering how alcohol is affecting your overall health and fitness, too.

That’s one reason we loved This Naked Mind by Annie Grace. It was eye opening for me when I read it!

The Psychology of Alcohol 

Instead of looking at alcohol and alcohol addiction through a lens of shame (as we so often do), Grace offers a positive solution in her book. She walks us through the psychological and neurological components of alcohol use and the surprising reasons we drink thanks to cultural and societal factors. 

This isn’t a book that’s full of dry stats. In amongst the scientific research she presents, Grace weaves in her own candid personal story to help her readers understand better. Her storytelling style makes this all the more compelling to read and connect with.

One thing that I loved about This Naked Mind is that it helps to give you freedom from alcohol. It can help to remove your psychological dependence so you won’t crave it and allow you to drink less (or stop altogether if that’s what you want). It’s not all about quitting either, but regaining that control that so many of us have lost and I loved that!

But if you want to quit, This Naked Mind will help you feel OK with that and not feel deprived or that you’re missing something.

Join the Challenge

If you want to really delve into it and get a good understanding of your relationship with alcohol, you can even join Grace’s free 30 Day Alcohol Experiment challenge. In it, she’ll work with you to make the perspective shifts you need and go deeper than in the book to help you be more confident in not drinking.

And if you need an extra boost of momentum and encouragement to create lasting, lifelong change, join us for 100 Days of Lasting Change, your key to staying focused, present, aware and happy while creating a new you.

Is it Worth It?

This is another personal question you’ll have to answer for yourself, but even though I still drink, I loved this book. Yes, Grace is a proponent for sober life, but her principles can help you drink less but still let you drink if that’s the outcome you’re looking for. With tons of 5 star reviews, we definitely think it’s worth a read.