Gain New Skills with LinkedIn Learning

Ever feel like the changes in technology are leaving you behind at work? Organizations like Changing the Narrative are working to prevent age-related discrimination in the workplace, but the reality is our need for certain skills are always evolving.

If you loved Senior Planet’s easy-to-follow technology training events, you’re going to want to dive in immediately to LinkedIn Learning.

Online Courses Taught by Real-World Professionals

Do you remember With its library of video tutorials, you could learn almost anything. Acquired by LinkedIn, has become LinkedIn Learning.

The great thing about LinkedIn Learning is that you don’t have to dig for the right courses for you. While they offer tutorials on everything from Excel tips to Apple Watch operations to Marketing to Quickbooks (and you can certainly learn anything you want!), you can actually get personalized suggestions for you. 

Just connect your current LinkedIn account, and LinkedIn learning will provide you with top picks for you. You can clarify the skills you need to advance your career, discover top courses for your industry, and even gain access to experts with their live office hours.

Nearly Unlimited Choices

With a monthly subscription, you have access to over 16,000 expert-led courses. You can get your first month for free to try it out, but it’s only $39.99 after that. If you absolutely love it, you can pay annually and get a huge discount of only $26.99/month!

Courses offer certificates upon completion so you can add it to your LinkedIn profile, use during your next evaluation, or just enjoy a job well done!

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

The joy of online learning is that you can truly learn at whatever pace suits you! LinkedIn Learning keeps track of your progress (much like Netflix does on that latest binge), allowing you to switch between your laptop and mobile devices with ease. 

The videos are bite-sized or in-depth, depending on what you’re looking for. Plus, you’ll get interactive learning with exercises and quizzes to help everything sink in.

With a free month, it’s almost impossible to see the downside. Let’s start learning and up-leveling!