The Age in Place Remodeling Workbook

If you’ve decided you want to stay in your own home through your third age, you might need to make some changes to your home over time. In fact, your family might be insisting on it a bit.

But just because you’ve lived in your home for a decade or more does not mean that you need to move! There are organisations like the National Aging in Place Council that can help you determine what your home might need to keep you in it. If you’re not ready to dive deep but want to learn more, we love the simple Age in Place Remodeling Workbook.

Assessing Your Home

This Remodeling Workbook is filled with tips and guidance to help you live safely at home. It can walk you through and help you determine what you might need to change and what can stay the same (at least for now). 

In the first step in the workbook, you’ll assess your home, what to look for in each area of your house, and see modification options and solutions.

Step two will help you prioritize your projects so you can tackle one thing at a time, as needed.

In step three, you’ll work on establishing a budget and what costs you can expect. It even includes a handy worksheet to help you work through assessing your home.

The final step of the workbook, step four, will take you through hiring a contractor.

DIY Remodel Projects

Not everything in your home needs to be a huge project to help you age in place. This workbook can help you determine which projects you can do on your own and which projects might require a contractor. But if you need to hire a contractor, this workbook even gives you a contractor interview process to avoid being ripped off by the wrong contractor!

Aging in Your Home

The best part about this book? It can help to start a conversation – either with your partner or your loved ones – that you want to stay home. After all, you should get to choose how you live your third age as much as possible. Making a few plans now will make those conversations easier as you go.

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