The Best Glamping Equipment for Your Next Trip

It’s time to get some fresh air and unplug! You and your health deserve it!

The best way to do that?

Head out into the great outdoors and enjoy glamping! Glamor camping means you can take it a step up from the tent and the sleeping bag on the ground and have an enjoyable experience without the added stress that normal camping can bring.

Get ready for your next glamping trip with these essentials that will keep you comfortable during your entire trip.

coleman camping cot

Sleep Comfortably with this Coleman Cot

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather take it up a notch from the sleeping bag to a comfortable bed. This Coleman air mattress camping cot is perfect! You can get it in a Queen or Twin size. The cot keeps you off the ground all together while the air mattress gives you a comfortable night sleep. It even includes two pullout cup holders for added convenience. Splurge a bit with this highly-rated camping cot and put the glamor in glamping!

Take Electricity with You with this Power Station

While some glamping locations might include electric hookups, you may want to consider taking this power station with you just in case. Charge it at home and this giant battery can power appliances, laptop, stereo, phone, GPS or even trail cameras as you need to. It only weighs 3.48lbs so it’s the perfect companion as you hit the road. Plus, you can add a solar panel to it so it charges on the go!
doukey camping lights

Keep Things Lit with These Camping Lights

Stop carrying a flashlight with you as you wander the campground and bring some ambience to your glamping spot! These Doukey camping lanterns include a carabiner so you can hang them from the tent, lines, or just carry them with you easily. They take simple AAA batteries so you can have a bright light wherever you are.

Keep Bugs Off Your Food with These Covers

One of the things I hate most about camping is sharing my food with the flies and bugs. Keep them off the delicious food you’re cooking over an open fire with these handy pop-up nylon covers. They’re portable to take them with you anywhere and cover your dishes on the picnic table so you’ll keep all those pesky bugs off your food.
comforer food cover
comlife portable led fan

Stay Cool with the COMLIFE Camping Fan

Be honest, one of the reasons you don’t want to camp is because camping doesn’t include AC. (That’s not just me, right?) Make your trip more comfortable with this portable fan and LED light. With its built-in hook, you can add it to your tent easily and charge it back up with your power station. The LED light gives you the perfect glow for those nights in the middle of nowhere.