The RV Products You Can’t Live Without

Dreaming of RV life? Traveling around the US in an RV allows you to get an entirely different view of the world, connect with nature, and feel at home more even when you’re thousands of miles away.

Adjusting to a smaller space might be deterring you from getting that RV, but there are products and solutions out there that make life in a smaller space comfortable.

We know lots of people never go back to living in a house when they switch to an RV and the products we found might just convince you to do the same!

garmin rv 1090 gps

Always Find Your Way with a Garmin GPS

Have you used your phone for GPS before? While those maps are fine if you have a signal, part of the reason for RV life is to go where there isn’t any! Travel safely with this easy-to-read GPS from Garmin. The Garmin RV 1090 has a 10”, high-resolution display so you can always see the road clearly. Plus, the road warnings help you be aware of any sharp curves ahead.

Keep Out the Dirt with this Shark Vacuum

Taking your dog with you or hitting the trails? You’ll need this amazing Shark vacuum! It takes up very little space but has powerful suction to keep your RV clean and comfortable. With its low profile, you’ll easily be able to get into the tighter spaces of your RV, too, and use the hand vacuum to get into the smallest spots.
shark pet cordless stick vacuum
ivienx airtag dog collar

Never Lose Your Pet with this Airtag Dog Collar

A big fear for pet parents when they’re traveling with their pets? Losing their dog on the trail! Especially if you like to walk off-leash, give yourself peace of mind with this dog collar. It comes in five colors and four sizes to fit any dog. With a special spot to place an Apple Airtag, you’ll be able to keep track of your pet at any time. It’s a far more cost-effective solution to other GPS trackers, too, which we love!

Make the Most of Your Space with this Closet Organizer

You have a lot less space when you’re living on the road, so organization is key to ensure everything has a home! Take advantage of the vertical closet space and improve your storage with this 3 shelf hanging closet organizer. It hangs directly on your closet road and gives you room to store sweaters, shoes, towels, and more. The genius part of this organizer? It includes a lip on the front of each shelf to keep items in place as you drive!
granny says 3 shelf hanging organizer
shower caddy suction cup set

Keep All Your Favorite Products with You in the Shower

For a lot of us, we think we need to scale back on our favorite beauty products when we hit the road. Don’t! Use these powerful suction cup organizers to get the most out of your shower space and don’t leave anything behind. This set comes in a variety of sizes so you can take everything you need to feel like yourself, even in the middle of nowhere.

Save Cupboard Space with These Collapsible Containers

Who here hates the crazy amount of space that tupperware takes? Skip the traditional storage containers and grab these awesome collapsible containers. These silicone containers are perfect for storing your leftovers but taking up minimal space in your cupboards when they’re not in use. Plus, the lids lock shut AND stack easily in the fridge. You’ll throw out those cheap plastic containers in no time.