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the benefits of biking book cover

The Benefits of Biking

Want to move more but don’t know where to start? Let me introduce my favorite form of exercise – biking! See how this book can motivate you to get riding.

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woman doing yoga for gardeners

Yoga for Gardeners

Gardening can have amazing benefits for your health as you age, but it can be back breaking! Try this yoga routine we discovered that will make it easier.

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The Encore Career Handbook

The Encore Career Handbook

We’re staying younger and working longer. If you’re not ready to retire, how do you decide on the right path for your career? We have just the book for you!

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How to Live Forever book cover

How to Live Forever

Want to know the secret to living forever? The answer might surprise you! See the answer founder Marc Freedman has discovered in his research.

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Discover 5 Simple Habits to Thrive in Your Third Age

There is so much beauty and wisdom in this time of our lives! Don’t believe me? Let me help you discover how you can thrive with our 5 Simple Habits to Thrive in Your Third Age guide.

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